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Practical Tips on How to Get Your House Ready to Sell

Practical Tips on How to Get Your House Ready to Sell

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The Las Vegas residential real estate market is rapidly changing.

As it becomes even more competitive, you want to ensure your home stands out from the rest. If you’re planning on selling your home this fall, we have a few essential and practical preparation tips to help.

Assess Property Condition

First impressions matter when selling your home. The home’s curb appeal is the first thing a buyer sees in virtual listing photos and on-site. Poor curb appeal detracts from the home and could cause a buyer to disregard your property. Improving curb appeal is as easy as painting the front door, planting colorful flowers, or changing outdated lighting.

It’s important to create a clean, decluttered interior environment. Less is more, so pack up all lesser-used items and excess stuff. Get it off-site.

Creating a blank canvas helps buyers visualize themselves living in the home. Paint walls in neutral tones such as taupe and remove personal items such as photos and artwork from walls, counters, and shelving.

“Consider hiring a professional stager to highlight the best features of your home,” RCG Founder Robert Coomer said. “They can potentially save you thousands of dollars while selling it faster.”

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) 2021 Profile of Home Staging, 82% of buyers’ agents stated staging made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property. In addition, 23% noted between one and five percent dollar value increase of properties staged.

In addition, evaluate the physical condition of your living space. It helps the home show well by making the necessary repairs, professionally cleaning the carpets, deep cleaning all the home’s surfaces, and keeping the home clean while on the market.

One consideration before listing your home is paying for a home inspection. A home inspection provides the current condition of your property so you can make the necessary repairs. It also provides confidence in a buyer that may lead to a quicker sale.

Get Paperwork in Order

When it comes time to list your home gather copies of permits for renovation work, home warranty documentation, any land surveys, and tax and utility bills.

“You’ll need your mortgage payoff amount,” Coomer said. “Though the final amount will change by the time you’re ready to close, having an estimated payoff amount helps determine your profit.”

Determine Listing Strategy-Price

Conduct research on the real estate market to help understand what your home is worth. But remember, real estate is unpredictable. You need to also be aware of factors that may affect pricing in your areas such as job market trends and property tax increases.

Hiring a trusted Real Estate agent several months in advance can guide you through the process. Listing agents manage the marketing and sale of your home with services such as pre-listing, marketing, showing, and negotiation. They also research and provide market comparisons of your area to help price the home competitively.

“Having realistic expectations when pricing your home ensures a better return,” said. Coomer. “Overpricing could result in it staying on the market longer and the listing going stale. Then you’ll have to reduce the price.”

If you plan to sell for sale by owner (FSBO), there are other factors to consider. Managing a listing is labor-intensive as you answer calls, schedule showings, and coordinate open houses. Not to mention the considerable amount of time and resources to market the property.

Enlist a Mortgage Loan Originator

Talking with RCG Home Loans is a good place to start for sellers before enlisting a real estate agent.

“We will help you understand your next move,” Coomer said. “From determining the profit of your sale to reviewing future financial goals, our goal is to ensure you are well equipped with the information you need to ensure your sale is a success.”

Bottom Line

If you plan on selling your house this fall, lean on a trusted mortgage lender and a real estate agent for professional advice on preparing your home.

RCG Home Loans is here to help navigate the ever-changing home-selling landscape and plan for your next home.

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