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Robert Coomer

Robert Coomer

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Robert CoomerTeam President

Robert Coomer, a renowned mortgage industry leader, has spent over two decades in the industry, establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with. His passion for delivering a stress-free and high-quality mortgage experience led him to establish RCG, a team of Luminate, a collection of some of the most outstanding mortgage professionals in the industry.

Under Robert's leadership, RCG, a team of Luminate, has grown to become a team of humble, empathetic, and approachable loan officers, processors, and support staff who bring a wealth of expertise and experience to help clients achieve their dream of homeownership. The team's goal remains the same, to listen twice as much as they speak and deliver an experience that prioritizes service.

Robert's commitment to creating a positive culture for everyone involved in the home loan process is reflected in the RCG Home Loans' core values. The team's mission is to create a culture of responsible autonomy, where every employee is given the freedom and flexibility to achieve their highest goals while remaining accountable for their decisions and results. The vision is clear: to ensure clients are serviced, educated, and empowered first in their ability to become homeowners.

As Robert Coomer continues to lead RCG, a team of Luminate, team to new heights, his commitment to providing a high-quality mortgage experience remains unwavering. Their recent partnership with Luminate Home Loans has provided them with unlimited capacity for service and growth opportunities, solidifying their position as a leading mortgage industry powerhouse. As they continue to expand into new markets, Robert and the team remain dedicated to creating a positive experience for everyone involved in the home loan process.

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